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Welcome to Greenville Composite Squadron

     Thank you for taking the time to visit.  I am 1st Lieutenant Jim Jewell, Commander of Greenville Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol. My time with Civil Air Patrol started in 2022, when I joined as a  senior member the Greenville Composite Squadron.  Like many of our senior members today, I had the amazing opportunity to learn about military-style life and leadership while serving in the United State Air Force as an Aircraft Commander on the C-141.

     I took over the command position in March of 2024 after years of outstanding leadership from Captain Andy Georgia. I now carry on the legacy of this unit, which was created in 1941 and last chartered in 1957, and help to develop tomorrow's leaders through a group of over 90 youths aged 12-18. Alongside, I am supported by over 35 adult members who come from different walks of life. Many of our adult members are pilots and support Civil Air Patrol's missions in the air, flying our Cessna 182, which is one of over 500 Civil Air Patrol-owned aircraft. Other adult members specialize in fields such as communications, emergency services, logistics, administration, public affairs and cadet programs.

     I personally welcome you to come visit us at our squadron and learn more about our program. There's a place for everyone, of any skillset, and for those who are willing to learn we have some of the best trainers in the upstate who eagerly await the opportunity to teach you how to become a part of one America's best kept secret: Civil Air Patrol.

     Please feel free to contact me at or call me directly at (614) 403-0328.



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